Why You Should Bet On Football Now

Did you know that there are almost three billion football fans all over the world? Football, or sometimes called football depending on which part of the world you are in, is one of the most popular sports in the world, if not the most popular one. Even in the world of sports betting, football dominates the numbers when it comes to popularity. At least 70% of all bets wagered in all of the sports are for football games. When you think about it, this is not an easy feat to achieve, as there are virtually countless other sports that you can bet on.

If you try and check a bookmaker, they will most probably have football offers on top of their lists. A lot of bookmakers even offer special bonuses, discounts, and free plays both for new and returning players. To help you shop around for the best bookmakers, it is helpful for you to check out good review sites like, where you can read the top tips, reviews, and recommendations for the best bookmakers for online sports bettors.

Wide range of betting opportunities

Do you know how many football leagues and competitions there are in the whole world? There are a lot, that is for sure. There are local football competitions and leagues. There are regional ones, continental ones, and even international ones. The most popular ones include The World Cup, the Champions League, La Liga, and many more. There are too many that if you try to list each one of them, you’ll find yourself still listing down after several hours.

There are also different formats of football games all over the world. There are leagues where there are more games played and thus more games for you to bet on. There are, on the other hand, knockout tournaments where while there are less games played than in a league, the risk in betting is bigger and thus can yield more profits for you should you end up making a winning wager.

With so many games and so many events happening in the world of football, you can be sure that there is always something to bet on. Even if games get canceled, there is an alternative called virtual sports where you can still bet on football–though for this, games played are computer-generated ones.

There are different types of wagers available

Did you know that football has the most number of betting types in all of the professional sports? Not only there are numerous games and opportunities you can bet on, but there are also many different ways you can bet.

From the simplest Moneyline bets to other sub-types like a spread bet, a point spread bet (yes, they are different!), a parlay, a totals bet, an Asian Handicap Bet, and many more, there are virtually endless ways you can bet and earn profit from football. As a bettor, what does this mean for you? It means that there are many good wagers you can make–all you have to do now is choose which one is the best for you.

There is a low margin at bookmakers

Since football is extremely popular, you can expect that almost all, if not all of the bookmakers have offers for football betting. Since the market for this sport is very competitive, bookmakers also work their best to be competitive in terms of giving odds and lines. For bettors, this is good news–this means that there are better odds and lines in football as compared to other sports, and thus wagers are to yield better profits, too.