Where to get affordable designer optical frames?

Times are changing and designer optical glasses are in trend, with everyone wanting to experiment. And with new online eyewear stores coming up everywhere, buying prescription glasses online has become easier, now more than ever.


Research has shown that choice of eyewear can be a great indicator of your personality. And that’s why ‘now’ is the best time for you to come out of your shell and let your personality shine through your choice of eyewear. So, yes, it’s the time for you to let go of black rectangular frames and try newer frames that bring out the creative ‘you’!


But what makes designer optical frames ‘designer’ in the first place? Designer optical frames mean two things now- first, the stamp of a world-famous brand and second, the designs that are different from your regular styles.


While getting glasses from a world-famous brand seems like a great idea, the truth is that isn’t all great. Because there is no guarantee that these seemingly high-quality branded glasses will not break within a week of buying. And you do not know if they will live up to their price tag.


So, buying affordable designer optical frames is the option you should opt for and here are a few tips that will help you while you’re at it.


  1. Switch up your colour palette!

Yes, this is the first rule you should follow when you’re looking for designer optical frames! So, go find optical glasses that scream ‘you’ but in a different than usual colour. A change in colour palette for your glasses can make you look fresh, young and whatever you want.



  1. Experiment with patterns that are unheard of.

If you think designer glasses are a one-frame-fits-all-occasions accessory, you are very very wrong. Because glasses, just like every other fashion accessory, too need to be changed often.

So, if you want to up your designer glasses game and choose the best optical designer frames available, you should not be afraid to experiment with new patterns and designs. For those who don’t want to go out of the way and try something new, tortoiseshell glasses in new patterns make for a great choice.


  1. Try and buy different frame shapes.

Aviators, wayfarers, round and rectangular frames have already become timeless classics but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with those! To look great with designer glasses, you have to be open to try new styles. Hexagonals, asymmetric frames, there are a lot of designs to discover and you’re sure to come across shapes that you love more than the shapes you love. And if you want a recommendation for a different style from us, you should try the asymmetric round and square frame from Specscart.


Ready and geared up to buy new affordable designer optical frames? We know a place where you can find some very cool designer optical frames for a price that doesn’t compel you to use your NHS voucher!


Yes, we’re talking about Specscart!


A Manchester-based eyewear startup, Specscart is a one-stop destination for all your eyewear needs. Normal prescription glasses, multifocals, transition sunglasses, Specscart has it all. With stores in Walken and Bury, and an option to buy all kinds of eyewear online, Specscart should be your choice whether buying online or offline.

If you’re an online buyer, the 24-hour delivery rocket for simpler prescriptions from Specscart is going to delight you.


And we haven’t come to the best part yet. Specscart also offers glasses for you to try at home for free. So, if you love those pink-tinted tortoiseshell glasses or those Spiderman-inspired frames, you should add them to your ‘Try at Home’ cart on Specscart.