What Is A Local Listing In SEO?

“Profile” is something we all are familiar with. Thanks to several social media websites, almost everybody understands what a digital profile looks like. Whether you have an account on social media or not, grasping the concept of the profile is rather easy.

How is a profile related to a local listing or SEO in any way? A local listing is the online profile of your business. It contains the business name, address, and phone number (NAP) at a minimum but you can add some other details about your business you want your customers to know. These are also known as citations and the practice of maintaining and claiming citations online is called citation building.

You have to choose a reliable US business directory, often many directories, to add the credentials of your business. If you look at the whole picture, local listings and citations play a vital role in rankings, reputation, and revenues. Let us dig a little deeper into the SEO, local listings, and how does a local listing boost SEO.

Online Marketing, A Necessary Evil

Whether you are already building online presence for your business or just ventured into the digital world, online marketing is something you cannot ignore. It is called a necessary evil because it is not adding value to the product or service but drawing in more customers.

Offline publicity options are now being rapidly replaced with online marketing practices. Since a global pandemic hit us, several businesses are left with no other option but to shift to the online world. Local listings happen to be the easiest and most effective way of advertising your business.

Whenever a customer searches for a business or service like yours, online directories display several businesses listed for that particular category and area. If your business is not found on the web, it is more likely to be nowhere, at least for people searching online.

How Do Local Listings Boost SEO?

When you step into the online business world, you are more likely to face fierce competition. Making it through takes different strategies and tactics as compared to the offline world. A common objective for every business is to get on the top of SERPs so they meet their goal of annual revenues effectively.

All of your technical efforts aiming to make your business website found by and ranked by the search engines are summed up to be called search engine optimization (SEO). There is another important aspect of online marketing called search engine marketing (SEM) that assists your objective of being found but with considerable investment.

Adding and claiming local listings for your business not only improves your exposure to potential customers directly but boosts your SEO efforts. Most of the online directories allow you to add your website URL, adding to your inbound backlinks.

Several online searches include “near me” or area name. Local directories have advanced filtering techniques to display results according to the location so it gives you a better chance of ranking high on SERPs.

What Are Other Benefits Of Local Listings?

SEO experts suggest that local business directories benefit local businesses in several ways. Ranking signals are only one part of it. Here are some of the other important benefits.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Imagine that a customer is not yet aware of your business but searched for products or services like yours. When they find listings of all the businesses offering such services, they will see your business name, address, photos, or videos. This creates an image of your business in their brain. Even if they don’t choose to hire you or purchase from you, it is an opportunity to leave a mark. This builds a sense of trust and improves your brand awareness in the masses.

Improve Local Visibility

Let’s say a user searched for your business specifically. If there is a Google listing of your business, the user will get to know your address, URL, and phone numbers in a single glance. Your listing can help them to reach you more easily and that certainly adds up to local visibility. Not only in the eyes of the users but the search engines as well.

Increase In Web Traffic

The more accessible your website URL is, the more likely you are to get web traffic. And the more people visit your website (and enjoy the experience or found what they were looking for), better are your conversion rates. This is simple arithmetic that works for every single business.

Free Advertisement

Getting back to the initial point of online marketing, a well-curated local listing is a free advertisement for your business. It’s long-lived and if remains to be useful for online users, it will keep popping up in their search results.

Get More Reviews

Almost all of the online directories, including Citylocal Pro, allow users to leave reviews about your business. It is no secret that online reviews are alternatives to word-of-mouth and pretty effective.

How To Set Up A Local Listing To Gain Maximum SEO Benefits?

Search for your business online, check all the already existing listings of your business. Make sure they have accurate credentials for your business. Consistency and accuracy are vital for optimized listings.