What Are the Top 5 Things You Should Know About Superbikes

Owning a superbike is a dream of every bike-lover. These two-wheelers are powerhouses of speed and excitement.  However, before you begin planning your purchase or comparing bike loan interest rates, it is important to know these bikes inside out. Unlike other motorcycles, superbikes are sophisticated machines that demand extra awareness on a buyer’s end. So, here are the top 5 things you must know about superbikes.


A majority of superbikes are powered by high-compression engines. Superbikes generally need 97 Octane fuel, which is a very high-quality fuel. Each motorbike manufacturer usually recommends a specific octane number, which signifies the quality of the fuel. The higher the octane number, the greater is the fuel standard.

You must use only the best possible fuel for your ride as a low-grade variant can harm its engine. Additionally, feed your bike only the first-rate liquids, including the coolant and engine oil, to enhance its lifespan.


With powerful engines and defining specifications, superbikes certainly do not come cheap. However, you can easily use a loan to finance your dream bike! Many trusted lenders offer loans at a cost-effective 2 wheeler loan interest rate nowadays.


While an attractive interest rate offer may entice you to buy a superbike hurriedly, you should be aware of its maintenance costs. Due to the dusty conditions in India, some manufacturers recommend shorter service cycles.

Spare parts, servicing and maintenance for such motorbikes are always relatively pricier. You may need to shell out some extra bucks to keep the bike in tip-top shape. Also, you won’t find the spares easily in all service stations because of their rareness. As a result, service turnaround tends to be more.


Superbikes’ tyres are designed to provide the best grip on a racing track. With the high amount of power produced by it, the tyres can quickly get withered if you ride on uneven roads. Normally, you would have to buy a new set of tyres every 10,000 kilometres. Besides, it’s worth noting that your two-wheeler loan cannot finance an extra pair of tyres, so regular servicing is a must.

Rider’s Gear

Before you go accelerating on the road, do invest in reliable riding gear. A high-end superbike is designed for adrenaline-powered rides; thus, you should be well-equipped with authentic safety gear, including a full-face covering helmet, riding jacket, abrasion-resistant gloves, sturdy boots, etc. You can also get body armour, knee and elbow guards for added protection.

Wrapping up

Indian roads can be challenging for driving two-wheelers. Ensure that you are well-informed about superbikes and when planning your loan tenure use a bike loan EMI calculator. It will help you manage your future expenses. Keeping these points in mind while purchasing your favourite superbike will offer you a broad perspective, and you will choose the perfect ride.

So, whether you are a new buyer or a seasoned biker, the things mentioned above will definitely help you. At economical bike loan interest rates from a trustworthy lender, you can bring home a superbike without any hassle these days.