Top Features To Look For In A Gaming Smartphone

Back in the day, we only use our phone to communicate with other people through voice conversations. Then cellphones got invented and text messaging was introduced. Later on, technology paved the way for the smartphone and now, we do more than just call and text on our devices. We can surf the internet, manage our schedule, communicate with other people by seeing them through the camera, and even play games.

Technically, all smartphones are gaming smartphones, since every smartphone can at least have games installed and run on them. However, some smartphones are built specifically for gaming. There are those smartphones that are made specifically with gaming in mind and thus are packed with features and functions focused on gaming.

But what aspects of the smartphone do you need to look at if you are looking for a gaming phone? Here are some of the things you need to consider when buying a gaming smartphone.

Operating system

It may sound like it is a big deal, but it can be in the long run. Nowadays, smartphones run only on two main operating systems: Apple’s iOS for its iPhone and iPads, and Google’s open-source Android for everything that is not an Apple device. Chinese mobile giant Huawei, after losing its ties with Google, recently launched their operating system called the HarmonyOS. Currently, the number of apps and games that are being ported to be available on the HarmonyOS increases every day.

Most apps and games are available across all platforms, but some are either exclusive to the Android or iOS. Sometimes, there are differences in playing on either platform, too.


When it comes to the display, size is not the only important thing. While generally speaking, the bigger the design, the better, it is more than just that. You should also consider the resolution. Does it support 1080p, or 2K resolution, or just simply a 720p HD one?

The display technology is also something that you might want to check out. Usually, a Super AMOLED display or its equivalent has high quality and vibrant display. If you want a smoother interface and visual experience, go for the one with a higher refresh rate, usually around 120Hz or above, if available.


Hardware, usually, is what makes or breaks a gaming smartphone. Generally, Qualcomm SnapDragon chipsets are considered to be better suited for gaming as it is generally faster, more efficient in power, and is less prone to overheating. On the other hand, its close rival MediaTek’s more recent releases are getting better when it comes to performance in gaming.

If you wish to play heavy and AAA mobile games that are demanding in graphics, processing power, and battery, you might want to choose a phone with at least 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory, and a battery that is not lower than 4,000 mAh in capacity. If possible, choose something that supports fast-charging for faster intervals in gaming even if you needed to charge for a while.

Gaming features

As mentioned earlier, most smartphones can be used to play games. However, some smartphones have features that make it more “focused” on gaming than any other device. Some devices may feature a “game mode” that lets the device focus on the game application open by blocking the display of all notifications, including text messages and calls. Some “game mode” also works by optimizing CPU and hardware performance to give more power to gaming-related needs if a game is open and go back to normal functions if there is no game open.