Saphyte: How to Conduct Your Business in the Advent of Digital Disruption

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Saphyte: How to Conduct Your Business in the Advent of Digital Disruption

Learning how to deal with emerging technologies and new business models in your business environment can help your business survive amidst tight market competition. Ali Homadi, Founder of Saphyte by Loyica, explores the ways of adapting to changes caused by digital disruption and making the most of the opportunities they bring.

The business environment today is significantly different compared to the business landscape 10 years ago. The world today is home to new digital technologies and business models that you would not have imagined to exist a decade ago.

These drastic changes in the business landscape gave birth to new industries, new companies, and new ways to do things. They also caused the death of hundreds of companies in print media, physical retailers, and traditional lodging and car travel.

According to Oxford, digital disruption is the transformation caused by emerging digital technologies and business models. These technologies and business models challenge the values of existing products and services and disrupt the current market which causes the need for re-evaluation, hence the word “disruption.”

“What businesses ought to know is when a digital disruption happens, the needs of their customers change. The challenge, then, of every business is to recognize this change and adopt a sales and marketing strategy that ultimately goes with this change,” Ali Homadi, Founder of Saphyte, explained.

Homadi further discussed that digital disruption brings in new patterns of customer behavior and trends and that companies should have tools that can help them recognize these patterns.

“The first company to recognize the new patterns and adjust its business model to accommodate this change typically gets rewarded. The last ones to respond often suffer in losses and bankruptcy,” Homadi added.

CRM: A need in the age of digital disruption

Stephanie Schoenherr, the Project Manager for Saphyte, proposes that a way to deal with digital disruption is to use CRM to identify the new needs and preferences and monitor the patterns of customer behavior.

CRM systems provide a great set of tools that allow you to record and retrieve data about your customers’ purchase behavior. Some CRMs can even analyze data automatically and display reports in a dashboard. These are very helpful in telling you what to do next and how to deal with your customers so you can effectively respond to their needs and wants,” Schoenherr explained.

“When you are able to match your products and services with your customers’ unique preferences, it makes your business relevant which allows it to survive in a digitally disrupted environment,” she added.

Saphyte by Loyica[1], a UAE-based tech company, provides CRM systems to local and international businesses. The system is dedicated to augmenting tasks related to sales, marketing, and administration.


[1] Loyica is a tech company that is based in Dubai. It was founded last 2016 by Ali Homadi, an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a variety of experience in the local market. Ever since, the Loyica team has worked steadily towards developing and providing top of the line tech solutions to the market, especially towards small businesses that have historically had a difficult time getting this advantage. Today, Loyica helps businesses improve in two ways: end-to-end digital solutions, which work to give businesses a headstart on the tech space; and centralized tech systems, especially in the fields of Fintech and Martech.