Roof checkup: Do it once a year!

We rarely think about our roof. When something is wrong with it, we will suddenly feel how convenient it is to have a well-functioning roof. Some roofs will last up to 30 years still, but perhaps your roof is not in such a good condition. It is important to checkup on your roof once a year. Keep reading to figure out how and why.

Why do I need to check on my roof?

If a storm comes, it can potentially destroy parts of your roof. Repairing such damages can be rather expensive. With a checkup you can make sure that the roof is in a good condition for the next storm to come. If this is not the case, you need to repair the damages to avoid further deterioration.

A checkup on your roof is free. Why not get a checkup and get the certainty of the condition of your roof?

Is a checkup free?

It is free to get a checkup on your roof. Go to this website to learn more about free checkups:

They will draw a report on potential errors on the roof. If there are any, it is your decision whether you want to repair the damages or not.

Therefore, you do not have to pay the company for drawing the report, and it is your decision whether you want them to repair the damages.

Why once a year?

If you get a checkup yearly, you will be prepared for any potential damages that could come. The certainty is better than not knowing. Perhaps the roof is in perfect condition and then all worries can be put aside. Although, if not in good condition, you can save money on checking up on your roof.

The more often you get the checkup, the more you are secured that you will not be surprised by some accident.

What could the damages be?

A roof can be leaky. In a storm roof tiles could fly off. This means that it will destroy the material under the roof. In that case the roof could be damaged and water might seep in.

Leaves and branches might gather in the gutter, and it will lead to decreased drainage. In this case you can keep the gutter clean yourself.

Other damages can occur, and in these cases it is more convenient to get professional help. It might not be something you can do on your own or you might not know how severe the damage is.

Save money on doing a checkup once a year

If you get a checkup, you will also know if you need to change the whole roof or if a smaller renovation will be enough. If your roof continuously needs to be repaired, it might be better to change the whole roof.