Planning To Buy Water Purifier? Here’re 4 Water Purifier Options For You

If you are planning for a water purifier for your house, then you have to go through a ton of options in the market. Most of these options under similar price range will provide almost similar features and possibly similar claims by manufacturers as well.

Having more options is certainly good for the end-user, but it is quite confusing to select the best option among the available ones.

We are providing the 4 top-rated, most preferred water purifiers that are selected and ranked based on specifications, features, designs, and price range as well.


  1. KENT Grand +9 Litres Wall Mountable Water Purifier

KENT is surely the most renowned and leading water purifier manufacturers in India with the most reliable features and specifications in it. This Grand Model from Kent with 9 liters capacity is also the reliable purifier that will meet your expectations from all aspects.

Highlighting Features: –

  • Design: – The elegant wall mount design of this purifier feels robust while using and can merge with any interior design easily.
  • Purification: – High-end Multi-stage purification accompanied by the patented TDS control technology not only removes impurities, salts, and bacteria but also provides a good taste to the water.
  • Water types supported: – KENT Grand supports purification of all kinds of water supply that of tap or Municipal Corporation one.

Pros: –

  • Incredible 9 liters of capacity.
  • Multi-stage purification.
  • Consumes less power.

Cons: –

  • Available in single color although it can merge with most interiors.

Besides all these compelling features, KENT is also offering one year of product warranty followed by 3 years of no service charge which makes it the best deal in the market in 2020.


  1. Havells Max 7-litres RO+UV water purifier

Water Purifiers from Havells are most popular due to their unique and dope design which enhances the look of the kitchen. This Max model of 7 liters capacity comes with one such unique design that can be mounted in any corner easily.

Both white and blue design looks quite elegant while the transparent water tank enhances the entire look of the body.

Features: –

  • Design: – Havells Max purifier comes with a compact design that saves a lot of space.
  • Purification: – RO+UV purification in seven stages to provide safe and pure water.
  • Revitalizer: – This helps in making the pure water biologically active with all kinds of minerals.
  • Water type supported: – Filters in this purifier supports all kinds of water.

Pros: –

  • Large 7 liters tank.
  • Elegant transparent design.
  • Comes with Revitalizer.
  • Protects for continuous monitoring.

Cons: –

  • TDS controller is missing but Revitalizer does its work.
  1. R.K. Aqua Fresh India Swift 12 liters water purifier

Aqua fresh brings this all in one purifier with the most advanced specs and features that are suitable for all kinds of purification needs. This purifier is equipped with a body with attractive design, water level indicator, and many other advanced features.

Features: –

  • Design: – Attractive design with a compact body and pre-fitting accessories is packed in the box.
  • Purification: – RO technology with advanced filters can remove 80 to 90 contaminants.
  • Accessories: – You can find RO, UV, TDS, UF, and Mineral cartridges in the box.
  • The water supported: – Supports all kinds of water for purification.


  • Free pre-filter and fitting accessories.
  • Good 12 liters of capacity

Cons: –

  • Installation charges are 400 INR but the accessories in the box can sort it out.


RK Aqua fresh purifier comes with one year of manufacturer warranty with many services centers all over India.

  1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure 7 liters water purifier

Aquasure water purifiers are known for power-packed performance with a compact and sleek design and this model is no different. Eureka Forbes purifier is equipped with advanced MTDS accompanied by efficient RO and UV purification technology.

Features: –

  • Design: – Sleek design with elegant colors makes it a good companion for residential spaces.
  • Purification: – Multi-stage purification in 6 stages ensures pure and safe water.
  • Energy-saving mode: – Automated power supply regulator is infused with the large storage capacity thus making it reliable.
  • Water types supported: – All kinds of water can be purified with multi purification technology.

Pros: –

  • Comes with energy-saving mode.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Sleek design.
  • Long-lasting cartridge.

Cons: –

  • Takes a bit of time to fill the tank, but a large tank fills this drawback.

The best thing about this purifier is that you can choose between a UF equipped filter and a non-UF filter as well.  Besides, flexible installation and one year of warranty are all good.

You can go to this website for a clear cut elaboration of the specifications, features and price ranges. It will not only help you compare the specs, but also simplify your efforts in cracking the best deal from the market.