Is Stem Cell Banking Worth Considering?

What do you know about stem cell banking? This is a known process of processing, collecting, & storing life-saving stem cells. This way, they can be somehow manageably used in regenerative medicine and therapies.

The good thing is that they are developed into different types of tissue and blood cells. They also potentially protect and regenerate the body from the inside. If a condition or a disease affects cell tissues, stem cell therapy can then be utilized in the repair of organs, and damaged tissues. Any kind of disease can also be treated effectively.

Cord tissue, dental tooth pulp, & umbilical cord blood is a rich source of these stem cells. Today, stem cells can be utilized in transplants and therapies to treat almost over eighty-five diseases. These can include bone marrow cancer, leukemias, anemias, and lymphomas. What’s more, over five-thousand clinical trials have been introduced using stem cell therapy.

Stem cell banking is worth considering in mind for one clear reason. It offers an opportunity that the precious cells be cryogenically frozen for twenty-five years. They can then readily be used in the future as needed. The process will somehow be made as non-invasive, risk-free, & safe. It’s also estimated that one in three people will likely benefit from stem cell therapy.

Processing of the Stem Cells

A procedure involving stem cells follows the highest industry standards. This only means to say that the volume is reduced before it is cryogenically stored. Scientists are involved more in the removal of plasma and red blood cells from the sample. This is true before finally freezing them up. That way, only the purest forms of stem cells are stored herein. The process will result in keeping a hold of the highest number of stem cells. That’s also provided that the safest method is followed.

More of the Richest Sources of Stem Cells

The richest sources of stem cells are as follow:

  • Dental stem cells
  • Adipose tissue
  • Amniotic fluid
  • Umbilical cord
  • Placenta
  • Bone Marrow
  • Menstrual Fluid

Benefits Are As Follows

Do you think that stem cell banking is worth considering in mind? Yes, it’s clearly because of the many benefits it can offer.

  • The strong and powerful stem cells outsourced from stem cell banking can potentially treat eighty medical conditions. Other spectrums of diseases are also covered that include genetic & blood cancers, metabolic, immune, & neurological disorders. Presently, stem cells are used in the successful treatment of conditions like leukemia, sickle cell anemia, and lymphoma. Research is still conducted more with a focus on diabetes, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s treatment.
  • The procedure of collecting stem cells begins at the time of birth. This is indeed an opportunity for preserving stem cells. They can then be utilized for your family and your child in the future.
  • Stem cells can fulfill the lifetime need of your family for future use.
  • Almost over fifty-thousand transplants are now carried out internationally in a year. It only indicates the significance of stem cells in the clinical treatment of life-threatening conditions.
  • Stem cell banking gives you a ninety-six percent chance of finding a perfect match.
  • Stem cells in the cord blood can be utilized in having a strengthened immune system throughout the cancer treatments. The stem cells in the bone marrow somehow have no such capability.

The benefits have been mentioned clearly if stem cell banking is worth considering. But bear in mind that it’s not advised to store your child’s stem cells. It should not serve as “insurance” against future diseases. Store a cold blood in the form of Bangkok stem cell banking. Ask more about its total cost. Also, ask about the charges needed for processing and collecting the cord blood. Think more of the storage fees to pay annually.