Important Things You Should Know About Ubanker Nigeria before Trading With Them

The name Ubanker is gradually becoming popular in Nigeria among forex and online traders. This broker just launched in Nigeria and has since been helping lots of people make good gains from online trading.

There are many articles online about their great features and platform. However, there has also been a flame of controversial reviews about the broker.

So in this article, we are going to be highlighting some important things you need to know about Ubanker Nigeria before you start trading with them. Definitely, this will save you some stress as well as foster your decision about the company.

What Are The Things You Should Know About Ubanker Nigeria?

#1: They Are Pretty New In Nigeria

Ubanker is a popular broker name in some other parts of Africa, such as South Africa, Uganda, and some other parts of the world. However, the company is pretty new in Nigeria. But despite being new, they’ve got some amazing features and incentives that keep attracting more traders to them on a daily basis. If you are looking for a broker that has been around for quite some time, definitely not Ubanker. But if you want a new broker yet with everything you need to be successful as a trader, Ubanker got you covered.

#2: They let you know forex trading is risky

Forex and other online trading is a risky field full of uncertainties, and Ubanker Nigeria will always let you know that. They don’t hide that fact from their customers. Instead, they have provided helpful materials, video, and one-on-one training to help their customers get used to the market and learn how to take advantage of it.

Ubanker PROfit trading platform and Ubanker mobile PROfit are intuitively designed with beginners in mind in order to make the journey smooth for both new and experienced traders.

#3: There are negative reviews about them

Like many brokers in Nigeria, Ubanker Nigeria has also got some negative reviews online. That is normal in such a financial institution. You can’t keep all your customers satisfied – even the best of the best broker can’t do that. There will still be some unsatisfied clients. So Ubanker Nigeria has not only got good and amazing Ubanker reviews; there are also some Ubanker complaints too.

#4: Money back on first trades

Yes, this is one of the unbelievable features the broker has got. And that is doing pretty well to put them ahead of other brokers – not only in Nigeria but in all countries they are operating in. The broker, in other to debunk any claim of Ubanker scam, provides a refund to their customers on every first 3 trades. This means even if you lose in those trades, your money will be refunded back into your trading account by the broker. That is definitely amazing!

#5: Withdrawal may be delayed

This is another important thing you need to know about this broker before you invest your money with them. There are a couple of reviews online where customers complain they got their withdrawals later than they had expected.

That is what you also need to bear in mind. Your withdrawal can get delayed for about 2 to 3 days, especially for new traders. But definitely, you will get your money. And subsequent withdrawals after that is going to be quick and easy.

#6: Personal financial manager

Do you know Ubanker Nigeria will also assign a personal financial manager to you at sign up? Yes, that is one of their measure to reduce risk to the barest minimum for their customers, especially for beginner traders who know little thing about online trading.

Your financial manager will guide you through the journey and regularly provide you tips and updates about the market. So you can better make informed decisions in your trading.


Bottom line

Forex and online trading can be risky and full of uncertainties. Every decision and step you take counts a lot. That is why you need to gather adequate knowledge about how it works before venturing into it. Apart from that, your choice of broker is also super important. If you choose the wrong broker, chances are that you will lose your hard-earned money very soon.

If you have been asking such questions as. “Is Ubanker legit or scam”, then I will tell you Ubanker Nigeria is a legit broker and you can take advantage of that to take your trading career to the next level.