How to request a withdrawal on Binomo: Easy tutorial for traders

Reliable information on the withdrawal of the funds is very relevant. You invested some money, then trade a little, and you got a profit, and now you have to use the money you got. Withdrawals are the subject of the article today. We will answer all your questions on the way. Binomo fund withdraw system is described here.

How do You ask for Binomo withdrawal?

If anyone finds it hard to withdraw cash, note that Binomo does not have the tax representative’s status. Therefore, traders are not covered by income tax law. The customer is responsible for providing the appropriate authorities with information and statements.

The prospect of withdrawing free cash from the bonus account is an acceptable addition to the cooperation with this broker. You will want several accounts with a predetermined turnover to achieve this.

You will log in to your account at Binomo. In the upper right corner of the site, click on the profile icon. Then, “Cashier” is picked. You are forwarded to the site on which you may apply for the withdrawal.

Choose the tab, “withdraw Funds.” The amount of money you want to pass and the form of removal must then be specified. You can also add a statement (4), which is just a justification for this specific withdrawal. The last move is to press the “Request withdrawal” button in yellow.

Payment amount

The amount of withdrawal is minimum, and the currency in your country is $10/€10, or its equivalent. However, a payment for an even smaller sum may be ordered in certain nations. Contact the relevant team at Binomo to verify the minimum amount of withdrawal in your location.

Process of withdrawal

The same form you have deposited will be used. This will promote the whole process. It may be a credit card or an e-wallet. You have some other choices if you can not use the same process. Nonetheless, in your name, a new card or wallet must be available.

How long is it going to take?

Usually, withdrawal requests are handled very quickly. The average working period is 24 hours. It takes three operating days to receive your money on your card or wallet. Among other items, the waiting time depends on the mode of payment. When you deposit cash from your pack, it is also faster. You will have all the requisite information to confirm that you have the full payment.

Additional records

You can be asked to submit any extra documents occasionally for safety purposes. The owner of the wallet must be visible. You may need to have your passport photo scan on your website, your Bank Card scan, or an electronic wallet image. Ensure it is yours, no matter what data it is, and that all information is provided.

Status of withdrawal

You will see verification on the display once you have demanded withdrawal. Once you sign in to your Binomo account, you can always review the withdrawal condition, go to the checkout operator, and to “withdraw funds.” You can view your transaction data on the “Transaction History” button if it is paid to your card or wallet.

Refusal of withdrawal

Your request can be denied periodically. You can not submit additional data, or the card is not quite the same. After all, you deposited because your records are valid. For excuse, your application is no longer seen on the “withdraw Funds” section. The situation summary will be sent to you by Binomo. You will apply for the refund until the issue is resolved.

Withdrawal charge

You just have to pay the charge for your transaction if you did not transact on your Binomo account. The cumulative amount should be at least twice the deposit sum to be free from the withdrawal fee. The rate of charges is 10%. You will obtain the details you have to add to such a cost, and you can submit it again if you ever want to withdraw.

However, this 10% fee is very rarely paid. I think that this article replied to any concern you may have about withdrawals. I’m sure that you won’t have any transaction issues, and in no time you get the cash you received on Binomo.


A critical attitude with regard to the financial dimension of the binary options trade differentiates a good trader from a loser. And besides, cash is not only a payment process but also an entire ideology, which tolerates no questionable behavior.

Therefore you will analyze the procedures and conditions of the financial transactions between the broker and the customer when you plan to trade binary options. Otherwise, many surprises can be expected.

We can say clearly that the Binomo broker not only teaches the right financial discipline to the trader but also offers highly qualified financial services to his clients. Besides, the clean financial arrangement between the trader and his customers could be challenged by no customer using the Binomo trader services.