How to Minimize Your Daily Beauty Routine

The Messy Bathroom Counter

As awkward as this photo is, this is exactly what my bathroom counter tops resembles on a daily basis. I try to get organized, sincerely. That tiny gray steamer bag retains the Lancome skincare assortment I have been using (and loving) my sister gave me for Christmas. But involving the cosmetics, creams, hair products, toothpaste, touch alternative, candles, and, yes, the rogue wineglass lingering in the bubble bath the night… it is not just clear. I attempted to KonMari my way from this wreck, holding onto just what sparked happiness. However, my sentimentality towards every product obtained in my own way. Yes, I felt pleasure for every item. I knew I had another solution. Less makeup is best for skin.

The Morning Overwhelm

Second reason for bettering my everyday makeup routine? I want to clean away any additional choices to maintain the daily sense of overwhelm. As a brand new mama, there are far too many choices to make daily and way too many things to maintain at front of my thoughts. As wonderful as with 46 unique colors of eye shadow may be, I do not require the additional choices daily. I wind up feeling not just dashed while getting prepared, but a small beholden to the procedure. Frankly, I am starting to resent my enviable small cosmetics.

How I’m Minimizing

Since I had such a tough time eliminating this stash, I made a decision to decrease by forcing simplicity. What do I mean?  For another month or so, I am just going to use 6 cosmetics products daily. Just like a detox. I would like a reset. Then maybe after a month, then I will have the ability to eliminate all the surplus with much more clarity. Use facial oil for better health of your face.

The Minimal Everyday Face

I (rather awkwardly) took some selfies after moving through my pared down cosmetics routine. It took way, way less time as I wasn’t searching through piles of merchandise to get what I want. And I have a tiny wing in my eyeliner, even if it’s created out of powder instead of liquid, so I am feeling adequately saucy.

Tidy Space

Better than getting prepared in less time? Only look at how clean my bathroom counter top is! I transferred all of the products I am not utilizing into a cosmetics case below the sink. My hair things’ was tucked neatly to the toilet cabinet only to the other side. One of those days, I will make a very beautiful wooden dressing table and expect to move all of the makeup off the bathroom counter tops anyway. This is an excellent start!