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How The Internet Changed The Way We Play Games Forever

The internet is one of the greatest inventions of the modern digital age, if not the greatest one. Because of the internet, we changed the way we look at the information. Because of the internet, the way we look at communication with other people changed, too.

Even the way we get news updates has been changed by the internet. News source no longer only means a newspaper and big media companies. Other news sites such as Okam Studio are also considered a good source of fresh news and updates for a particular niche.

One of the biggest things that technology changed is how we play games. Here are some of the innovations that technology brought to the world of playing games.

Online casinos

Land-based casinos are still a thing, and would probably never go out of style. However, there is also no denying that online casino gaming is the new craze in the world of gambling. Now, you can play all the casino games that you loved and played, right at the comfort of your home, straight from your computer or mobile device.

The innovation in casino gaming did not stop there, though. Eventually, live online casinos were introduced. An online live casino featured the same casino games, only that this time, they are dealt with by real people called “live dealers,” bringing the most real and most interactive online casino experience that you can have.

Online sports betting

Back in the day, you would need to drive to the game venue itself and find a bookie so you can place your bet. If it’s a big game and there are a lot of people watching it and wagering their bets on it, you would even find yourself standing in line for hours just to place your bet.

In online sports betting, those things are the things of the past. Now, you can place your bets with all the convenience through your computer or your mobile device. Bookies have gone digital, too. Aside from betting itself, you can also check updates on the odds and lines straight from your device. No more hassle, no more inconvenience.

Aside from online sports betting, there is also what is called virtual sports betting. These are fantasy sports games that you can also bet on, just like how you bet on a traditional real-life sport.


Have you ever experienced being scolded by your parents for playing too many video games? Some parents would even tell their children that if they keep playing video games, then they would not have a career ahead of us.

However, that is no longer the case. Thanks to the rise of streaming services and platforms, people can now build their career as a professional streamer. People can now earn money just by streaming themselves playing games. Others, meanwhile, make money out of their gaming by being a professional competitive player in their respective games. This is called esports, where video games are played competitively and players are either paid to play a game or there is a huge amount of money up for grabs in a prize pool.

Final thoughts

There are more ways the internet has changed the way we play games. What’s more, is that it does not stop there. As long as technology grows and more technological innovations happen as time goes on, there will always be new and better ways for us to enjoy the games that we play–no matter the platform, the genre, or the type of games you are into.