GemNile – An Authentic Marketplace for Gemstones is Start to Kickoff

Gemnile is an authentic Gemstones, Natural Gemstone made Jewelries and Natural Minerals auction and market place where you can find different kinds of beautiful Gemstones, Natural Gemstone made Jewelries, Natural Minerals at amazing prices, if you’re familiar with  Etsy, Amazon and eBay you know that all these websites allow sellers and spammers to sell any type of low quality and fake gem stones and jewelries at high price of authentic and high quality gem stones to cheat customers , the difference between these market places and is that here you can find authentic gem stones from verified sellers with expert verified sellers and secured payment services,

We are based in Nagoya, Japan but we have around the globe service we are an international market place, The main reason to launch this website was to tackle fraud and cheating that many customers face if you buy from you have our assurance that you’ll only get authentic and beautiful gem stones and jewelry, we have expert staff with 10 – 15 years of experience in gems and jewelry trade that closely monitors all new products for purity and authenticity, our expert staff will help you with your each and every purchase and make sure that you get pure high quality and authentic Gemstones , Natural Gemstone made Jewelries, Natural Minerals  each and every time.

At, we assure that each of our products is tested for quality and authenticity promising that our customers don’t have any kind of problem while ordering we have expert verified sellers only and your payment is secured by PayPal, you can buy Natural Gemstones, Natural Gemstone made Jewelries, Natural Minerals and Tools etc. with 100% confident. We invite our Sellers to Sell authentic Gems & jewelry products with us and receive payments instantly via PayPal. We take all the measures to make sure our buyers will only buy genuine products. Therefore we strictly prohibit selling of Synthetic Gemstones, Diffused Gemstones; Beryllium treated Gemstones, Fake Gemstone made jewelries and Synthetic Minerals. is great platform for both buyers and sellers your money is secured with PayPal and each Gemstones, Natural Gemstone made Jewelries, Natural Minerals is verified by Gemnile, we guarantee utmost assistance to our buyers and sellers our expert will help you at every step with a vast array of products Gemnile promises quality, security, and authenticity our motivation is customer satisfaction.