Cyber security: Global Outlook 2020

The past couple of decades have seen an increase in the number of cyber attacks such as WannaCry & Sam Sam, these cyber threats attack a company to affect its operational continuity. As these threats leak, delete or modify a company’s databases and effecting their operational up time. Companies must be updated and upgraded with befitting cyber security countermeasures to prevent and detect potential present and future cyber threats.

Arising need for cyber security

Presently industries are intensively technology-dependent, thereby systems & databases require advanced countermeasures to maintain the integrity of their databases & systems. Globally companies are experiencing an increasing number of cyber threats such as phishing, malware, ransomware, denial of service, man in the middle, crypto jacking, SQL injection among others on a daily basis.

Databases stored overcloud or on-premises both poses a threat of possible intrusions, thus detecting and preventing such threat is a must, industries require cognitive and sophisticated cyber security countermeasures instilled into their systems covering every possible cyber threat vulnerability. Developments in cyber security technology have picked up pace in recent times utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, the threats one receives are also growing dynamically with time, thus creating a void for future development in preventive cyber security countermeasures.

Some present Technology in cyber-security products and services globally

 Cisco Systems, Inc. (U.S.) in 2019 showcased an entirely new concept of silicon architecture, known as silicon One. This is said to be the only architecture of its kind for networking. Microsoft (U.S.) over the last decade has been building a network of cybersecurity technologies such as Windows Defender, Security Centre, Key Vault, Azure DDoS Protection, Azure Information Protection & Application Gateway for Securing web applications. IBM (U.S.) offers cloud security, orchestration & incident response platform, Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) cybersecurity solutions. Sophos (U.K.) caters to endpoint cybersecurity solutions utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), firewalls and cloud security protocols.

Growing penetration among major industries

Expanding the reach of Smartphones, cloud computing, and internet banking among consumers has led companies and governments to invest heavily in developing safe and secure IT infrastructure such as payment gateways, internet banking apps, secure databases, and strong authentication systems among others.

The integration of cyber security countermeasures in the Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector among others displays the reliance of industries over cyber security countermeasures.

The Information Technology (IT) sector operates mainly over large networks of systems and databases, having data flowing through such vast systems requires congenially capable cyber security countermeasures to prevent any data leakage or loss.

The healthcare industry is also a prime target for cyber threats as the industry maintains records of people with their personal, medical and financial information. Such information collectively found at one place attracts Ransomware threats.

Online retail is yet another industry that is growing its penetration globally among shoppers, with an increasing number of online retailers and their wide range of products on offer makes them highly vulnerable to cyber threats.

Any company involving cyber security measures needs to stay updated and timely upgraded to prevent and detect possible cyber threats as these threats pose risk towards a company’s IT infrastructure, databases, assets, and operational continuity.

North America and Europe are expected to show major integration of cybersecurity measures as in these regions’ companies prefer to implement new innovation and technology the earliest.

Some key players in the cybersecurity market

  1. BAE Systems Inc.,
  2. EMC Corporation,
  3. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
  4. Cisco Systems Inc.,
  5. Intel Security, Palo Alto Network
  6. IBM Corporation
  7. Fortinet

Centrify Corporation

Major companies in the cybersecurity market are continuously working on producing better tools and services for known & unknown cyber threats managed & prevented.