B-Tight Lift & Firm Booty Mask By MAELYS Cosmetics – An Overview

No More Cellulite With The Buzzing B-Tight Booty Mask

Does your own body make you feel uncomfortable around people in parties and outings? If so, why is to so? Do you find yourself, misfit, for a certain cloth? Or Do you get envious of someone’s pretty slim legs and cellulite less body? Do you think of the magic that will change your life completely in terms of your physical appearance? Do you burst at yourself for not being in proper shape and for having stored fat at your thighs and buttocks? You must have said yes, and to change this yes into a big no we are here to help you. There is a huge buzz in the market for a product that has developed specifically to help you fight with cellulite. The surgeries and medical treatments are no more required now. A non-medical solution has come and will show you positive results.


The Breakthrough- B-Tight Lift & Firm Booty Mask

B-Tight Cream by MAELYS Cosmetics is one such formula that is helpful in losing cellulite stored around your thighs, hips, and booty. It comes in the form of a cream that is easy to apply wherever you feel the need for the same. Almost 2-3 lakhs women have already bought it. Along with working on cellulite affected areas, it works on stretch marks. It gets you back the firm and elastic skin again. It is made up of powerful ingredients that hit your booty and smoothens it. It is clinically tested and proven and shows results in just 25-30 days. It is less with all risks and guarantees a sure shot 60-70 days result. The fragrance and nude color of this cream are amazing. Such a beautifully made effective product that will not only get you rid of cellulite but also shape up your body appearance firmly and nicely.

Active Ingredients Used In B-Tight Cellulite Removal Cream:

Now get the beautiful shape of your booty with none other than MAELYS Cosmetics B-Tight Lift & Firm Booty Mask which is composed of all natural ingredients. B-Tight Booty Mask is basically consists of 5 vital ingredients Guarana Plant Extract, Pink Pepperslim, EcoSlim, Collagen, and Red Grapefruit Oil. These unique combination increase product quality and its results as well.

Advantages Of Using B-TIGHT Cream:

  • Glows up your skin. It is really amazing that it gives an instant effect and makes your skin happy and glowing.
  • Tightens you loosening skin. B-Tight cream tights the skin and gives it a beautiful and desirable shape.
  • Cellulite disappears. Apply it to cellulite-stricken parts and it will start working right from the moment. The thighs & buts start getting in shape as they get lessen with excess cellulite.
  • Fat burn. Fat burn is what we focus on more for a fit and beautiful body. B-Tight helps in reducing body weight also. Increases metabolism as well which gives you high-level energy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this harmful to use B-Tight Cellulite Removal Cream?

It is absolutely safe to use. No harms are expected as such but still to take precaution is better if you are allergic to something.

How long do I need to use it?

You will start experiencing the results within an expected time span of 30 days. Though our customers have experienced the results in just 2-3 weeks.

How should I buy it?

Just visit the online site of the seller and request your order. Get it in your hand within a few business days.


  1. Andie from New Jersey saysI have been using b-tight for 2 weeks now. I have felt the results this soon. Looking forward to buying it for my friend as well”b
  2. Kerry from California saysI love the results. It is really fragrant and soft in texture. Smooth use and quick result without harm
  3. Jenny from LA saysit is very affordable and worth my money. No regrets only result


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