5 Reasons to Use Facebook Ads in Your Business Now with Expert Rina Slusnyte:

Any good digital marketing strategy must be comprehensive, that is, cover various fronts and combine content marketing and organic positioning, with online advertising.

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As part of the latter, there are advertising platforms in search engines, videos, and websites such as Google AdWords and, ads on social networks, such as Facebook Ads.

On this occasion, I will explain 5 Facebook ad tips now in your business. Throughout the following paragraphs, you will find each of the advantages offered by this great advertising platform on social networks.

But before we do, let’s remember: what is Facebook Ads?

Large Features Facebook Ads

The essential form of these advertisements is sponsored posts. These appear in the chronology of the users of the social network. However, they are not limited to that. They can also appear in the sidebar and outside of Facebook.

In essence, it is a Pay per Click (PPC) platform, just like AdWords, although it can also be configured for impressions.

Campaigns can be managed using the basic ad manager that Facebook provides or with something called the more advanced Power Editor and for bulk ads. Another option is through the API, which is widely used by third-party developers and programs.

So why should you use the Facebook advertising platform? Let’s see

Top Reasons to Use Facebook Ads

  1. Advertising on Facebook Ads is Cheap, Without Sacrificing Quality

Among the first advantages of using Facebook Ads is the fact that it allows you to define your maximum budgets. These can be per day or per campaign.

For payments in other countries with other currencies, among which are included in the United States Dollar, the Euro, etc., the minimums are doubled. Also in any case, in terms of CPC, the minimum will be $ 0.01 USD per click.

It is best not to bid the minimums, but to start experimenting with low budgets that will most likely pay off. With this, you will be able to know what adjustments you need to make in your campaign to achieve better results.

So, with Facebook Ads, you don’t need to throw the house out the window, but you can keep an austere budget.

  1. Facebook is the Social Network with the Largest Audience and Reach

By the second quarter of 2017, Facebook had 1.33 billion active users. Mexico ranks as the fifth country with the highest percentage of users (4%), some 85 million people, almost 40% of the country’s population.

But this goes further: in our country, according to measurements from April 2017, it has a greater reach than Twitter (66%), Instagram (59%), YouTube (72%), and WhatsApp (93%) individually. How? Facebook has a 95% penetration in Mexico.

So if you are not on Facebook, you are not online and you cannot take advantage of Facebook Ads.

  1. With Facebook Ads, You Can Also Advertise on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Audience Network

Facebook advertising is one of the giants of technology and social networks. In the advertising aspect, it is not limited to allowing ads on the social network itself. In fact, it also allows you to advertise on Instagram, on Facebook Messenger, and on its Audience Network ad network.

What is each one about?

Facebook Ads on Instagram

As you know, Instagram is a social network where users share photos, short videos, “stories” (videos and photos available for 24 hours), and live videos. Facebook acquired it in April 2012 and since then it has grown significantly.

As such, FB integrated it into their ad platform. To take advantage of it, you just need to have a page for your business on Facebook and a business profile on Instagram.

With this, you can create and run ads using the Ads Manager or Power Editor, just like any other campaign. The available formats are photographs, sequences (galleries), videos, and stories.

The best thing is that, unlike normal Instagram profile posts, the ads do allow you to include a link. This avoids asking users to go to your profile and enter the link that appears there.

Facebook Ads in Messenger

To make communication more personal, you can also place your ads in Facebook Messenger conversations.

This happens without the need to break in excessively since the FB platform will only allow you to advertise in front of users who have previously started a chat on Messenger with you.

Advertising on Facebook’s Audience Network

Audience Network is an FB ad network that allows you to advertise outside of their social media, specifically on mobile websites and apps.

There are four formats: native navigation, occupying the full screen, as banners, and as ads inserted in videos.


  1. The Organic Positioning of Facebook Page Posts Is Getting More Complicated

In recent years, Facebook has made a number of changes to its post timeline algorithm. Among these are those focused on giving much more organic importance to the publications made by the users’ friends than to those of the pages they like.

  1. Ease and Flexibility

Many people think that setting up an advertising campaign on Facebook is extremely complicated. However, it is something very simple, more than Google AdWords. While it is best to approach agencies that are experts in Facebook Ads, you can start with a low budget and production campaigns easily.

As I mentioned earlier, FB advertising can be managed through the Ads manager, through the Power Editor, or through the Ads API (third-party developers and apps).

The first option is the most user-friendly and does not require great technical knowledge of the subject.

In addition, tracking the results of your ads is also very intuitive. Best of all: it happens in real-time.

So if any metric is not having the expected results, you can make the necessary adjustments to the campaign immediately. This avoids economic losses. If not, you can specify a larger budget to take advantage of the good results.