5 Reasons to try IQ Option

What is IQ Option?

IQ Option is an online trading company that appeared in 2013.

It is regulated in Europe by CySEC.

It allows you to trade in Binary Options, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, etc.

It has the most advanced trading platform and offers good conditions and profits.

With more than 35 million customers worldwide, it is the market leader on Financial Online Trading Platforms.

IQ Option quickly became the benchmark in the Binary Options trading market.
Its platform, which won several international awards, was the starting point for success.

The free demo account and the low deposit and transaction fees were other attributes that explain what IQ Option is and why it is so successful.

Why might it be interesting to try the IQ Option at this point?

With markets in general decline, no one has an interest in investing in stock market shares, but the advantage that IQ Option offers is that it has other products and financial instruments that allow it to earn money in times of instability and economic crises.

For example, you can bet on the fall of several shares of American or European companies.

You can bet on the fall of oil or gold.

You can bet on the main stock market indexes.

You can also bet on the valuation of other financial assets that tend to appreciate in situations of economic instability.

With more than 500 assets from different investment areas, IQ Option always offers good opportunities to make money, whether the markets are going up or down.

What are the 5 Reasons to try IQ Option?

1 – It has the best online trading platform on the market.

The IQ Option platform has won several awards, for its simplicity, but quality and ability to offer its customers an environment that is both professional but intuitive and simple to operate.
The amount of tools and technical elements and the way it is organized, allows both experienced and novice traders to quickly understand how to use and trade with the platform.

2 – Ideal for beginners

For those who have never ventured into the financial markets, this is the ideal platform.

In addition to being very simple to understand and very intuitive, IQ Option has also developed a lot of material such as tutorial videos that teach how to use its platform.

Another advantage for beginners is that the minimum deposit and trade amounts are very low. Deposits start at $ 10 and trades start at $ 1.

The platform offers different trading instruments and different markets so that each one can try and choose the type of market they want to trade.

Some of these financial instruments are even exclusive to the IQ Option platform.

3 -Deposits from $10

With deposits starting at $ 10 anyone can try trading on the financial markets without ruining their personal finances.
And who knows if with the tutorial videos you end up liking it and find a way to earn a monthly extra to improve your budget?
In addition, each trade starts at just $ 1.

4 – Trade anytime, anywhere

On the IQ Option platform, you can trade at any time of the day.
There are always assets and markets open 24/7.
In addition, the platform exists for desktop, Android, iOS and PWA (a new platform that runs on any device).

5 – Free and Simple Registration

To register and be able to try it is very simple.
Fill in the registration data which is just the email and a password.
Confirm your registration link in your email and you will have free access to a $ 10,000 demo account where you can train without having to deposit or spend money.

If you are interested in experimenting with real money later, just click on the button to deposit.